What We’re Spinning (Indie Shout Out!) Vol. 19

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the highly versatile alternative rock band Continua.

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Continua is an original alternative rock trio based out of Florida and Georgia. They all work together by file-sharing over the Internet as the members are spread out between Florida, Georgia and Ohio. The band travels as needed for live performances.

In the summer of 2006, then Los Angeles based actor/singer Bishop Christopher was in the process of developing a music project under the name Forgotten Discipline. Through a mutual friend, Bishop’s tracks were pitched to Floridan bassist Brian Buckalew, who was immediately drawn to Bishop’s use of vocal layering and rich instrumentation. Likewise, Bishop found Buckalew’s melodic, eclectic bass style to be highly complimentary, and the two musicians quickly melded and began collaboration. However, many of the tracks were not completed, mostly due to technological constraints at the time and the availability of other dedicated musicians to bring the project to fruition.

After failing to successfully complete the unfinished Forgotten Discipline album, Bishop and Brian seemingly went separate ways, as Bishop became an Officer in the United States Marine Corps, and Brian began focusing on becoming a music producer, launching ProVizion Studios. 

Brian had gone on to produce a solo album under the name Day of Awakening, launching the debut instrumental under the album name “Open Heart.”

In 2012, Brian began production of his second Day of Awakening album, but instead of producing a strictly solo instrumental album, Brian envisioned a collaborative effort, tapping into talent he had come to know over his years as a musician and producer. Bishop’s strong dynamic vocal range and introspective and creative lyrical approach are what led Brian to attempt to reconnect with Bishop, who had altogether abandoned songwriting, performing, and recording, with the exception of volunteering in his church worship teams. 

Reinvigorated by Day of Awakening, Bishop quickly began work, adding lyrics and vocals to many of the album’s tracks, some of which Brian had not originally intended for vocals to be on at all.

One of the other musician’s Brian utilized for the Day of Awakening project was Jason Mulkey, who impressed both Bishop and Brian with not only his contemplative, imaginative style, but also with his undeniable work ethic. 

After performing the finished Day of Awakening album live

in Florida and Alabama in the summer of 2014, Bishop and Brian began talks of resurrecting what they had started with Forgotten Discipline years ago. Needing a dedicated guitarist, Bishop and Brian approached Jason with the idea of starting Continua, and the three began working on the debut album immediately.

No longer constrained by a lack of technological advancements, work on the debut album continued though 2015, which included all three working from their home studios and sharing the files together to develop their self-produced debut album “Daybreak”. 

Continua’s sound includes use of instrumental and vocal layering, minor tonality, and combining guitar & bass driven tracks with electronic synthesizers.


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