What We’re Spinning (Indie Shout Out!) Vol. 20

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know the soulful, San Francisco based singer-songwriter Katie Garibaldi.

Katie Garibaldi is taking the San Francisco music scene by storm with her brilliant fusion of classic country, folk, and pop-sensibility. Garibaldis first full-length album entitled “Follow Your Heart” brought much deserved acclaim to this artist for her intimate and unique countrified stylings.

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Known for her commanding ability to make her guitar sing, as well as her unmatched vocal prowess; Katie Garibaldi is an artist on-the-rise with limitless potential.

Recently releasing her new five-song EP entitled, “Rooted Clarity”, Katie Garibaldi impressively flexes her versatility and ever-evolving maturity as an artist. Straying away from the more traditional country style of her previous album; Katie has rediscovered and embraced her folk inspired roots.

With “Rooted Clarity”, Katie Garibalidi has brilliantly crafted an emotive and soulfully immersive sonic experience for listeners. This incredibly effective release is sure to capture both the ears and hearts of listeners of all genres. As highly respected the Daily Country boasts regarding this release, ““Garibaldi’s light as a feather vocals exude a strength that makes you want to believe in yourself and pursue your dreams and most importantly, gives you the courage, and clarity, to be yourself, trust yourself and allow yourself to fly.”

Perhaps the most refreshing aspect of Katie Garibaldi’s music is the fact that it is so incredibly diverse that it doesn’t marginalize and attract acclaim from fandom of just one specific genre. Her gentle and beautifully ethereal vocals hypnotize and draw listeners in, while her meticulously crafted instrumentals create an undeniably inescapable sonic landscape.

It is significant to mention that the first Single released off of Rooted Clarity, entitled “Delightful” remarkably earned a coveted nomination for the 2006 Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

Check out the critically acclaimed music video for “Delightful” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyFltnjPoSA

Now, Katie has showcased a new emotionally driven track entitled, “I Am”. Garibaldi’s beautifully alluring vocals, as well as her stunning ability to tell compelling stories through songwriting are on full display.

Check out the exceptional track “I Am” here: https://soundcloud.com/katiegaribaldi/i-am-1

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