What We’re Spinning (Indie Shout Out!) Vol. 24

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know the incredibly talented brother and sister urban pop duo, URBANO.

When first introduced to URBANO, a quote I have always liked came to mind; “Family, like branches on a tree, may grow in different directions, but its roots remain as one.” This seems to echo true within this family music group.

Strong family values and a remarkable bond are make up URBANO’s winning formula for great music.While growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, this brother (John Urbano) and sister (Ris Urbano) duo have branched out and explored many different areas in life. As a testament to their roots, they always managed to maintain an everlasting connection that closely bonded them together.

With strong support and positive reinforcement from their family, as well as a strong passion and focus for the arts, each were gifted with valuable tools to encourage and inspire their personal progress.

It is an unfortunate reality within the current music industry that artistic value is often overlooked in exchange for fast and overly safe cookie-cutter tracks. This pervading issue has the unfortunate result of discouraging innovation, uniqueness, imagination and creativity.

This certainly isn’t the case with URBANO, with the duo brilliantly fighting against this sentiment with their magnificently crafted sonic landscapes, searing rapping, and soothing vocal prowess.

As this duo grew up, they were regularly encouraged by their family to pursue their dreams. This undeniably supportive family infrastructure was very formative for John and Ris Urbano. With each shaping milestone, this duo was conditioned into growing into their full potential.

For John and Ris, their dedication and excitement for making music had informed their ambition for much of their development.

Since their inspiring start, URBANO has gradually been building notoriety, recently taking the urban pop music scene by storm. Showcasing their impressive talent and skill as songwriters, with the accomplished ability of creating infectious melodies, lush harmonies and relatable lyrics; URBANO’s highly unique brand of original music is sure to captivate music lovers of all genres.

Check out their EXPLOSIVE first Single entitled “Are You?”: 

URBANO is quickly proving that they have the musical sensibility and talent to enjoy success for a long time.

URBANO is a duo that you simply can’t overlook!

Listen to URBANO’s newest releases on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7wKSlDIYNWr7TaIFbPDmRz

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