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We recently had the opportunity to sit with the stylistic retro Synth Wave duo ACP PRO. ACP PRO consists of Vlad Opreanu and Seth Weaver.

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I love how you manage to render your tracks so personal and immersive. Does the melody come first, or do you focus on the beat the most?


Seth:  For us it’s a mood, especially while making this album.  Before we started a single track, we surrounded ourselves with art, watched movies, and made playlists of songs we love from that time. We immersed ourselves in the feeling of the era, so hopefully that shines through in the music. Sometimes it’s the beat, sometimes it’s the melody, but mood always comes first.

Do you perform live? If so, do you feel more comfortable on a stage or within the walls of the recording studio?


Vlad:  We have performed live as DJs and in bands in the past, but this is a brand new project for us as producers.  A proper ACP PRO live show will be coming later in the year. We’re currently piecing together the right materials to pull off our vision for presenting the music to audiences in a live setting.

If you could only pick one song to make a “first impression” on a new listener, which song would you pick and why?


Vlad: That’s a tough one since we balanced this project to cover first impressions for different people. I would say tracks like Wolf Killer, Q*Brick and Xmm have all had strong responses from listeners.  If I had to narrow it down to one it would be Electric Night because of the vision it delivers and the amazing vocals from Joy Steelman.  We had a great time producing that track.

What does it take to be “innovative” in music?


Seth:  Obviously, the answer is different for different people.  We’d say the best way to innovate is to trust your instinct and avoid doubting yourself when you are doing something that goes against the grain.  Even if that makes for a tougher road to finding your audience, at the end of the day you have to love what you are making, it’s for you as an artist first and foremost.

Any upcoming release or tour your way?


Vlad:  We just released our first album Able Archer 83 available everywhere!  ACP PRO will also be releasing music videos and some singles as we prepare for our next project, so be on the lookout.

Anywhere online where curious fans can listen to your music and find out more about you?


Seth:  Our music can be found on any of the popular formats, and many smaller ones. Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, SoundCloud, and Beatport to name a few.  Definitely add us on Facebook and Instagram, we are always adding cool supplemental art and other media about the worlds of film, 80s, horror, and synth wave music- everything that inspires us.

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