What We’re Spinning (Indie Shout Out!) Vol. 52

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know the refreshingly insightful and incredibly talented singer/songwriter, performer and guitarist Mike Marino.

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Mike Marino is a highly acclaimed and wildly versatile artist and performer from South Jersey. Mike has gained notoriety for his undeniably infectious and unique vintage-inspired brand of music. With a brilliant fusion of Rock, Folk, and Americana music (executed with incredible mainstream appeal), Mike Marino has meticulously crafted a sound that he can rightfully claim as his own.

Perhaps one of Mike’s strongest assets is his exceptionally strong songwriting abilities. Mike was initially inspired to pursue music by the British invasion (the influx of UK-based Pop/Rock bands beginning in the 60’s), and eventually expanded his tastes and style into that of American Blues, Folk & the Bakersfield Country Influenced West Coast Sound. Mike names Gene Clark & Gram Parsons of The Byrds and Stephen Stills & Neil Young as a few of his favorite songwriters and biggest influences. 

Mike Marino is best known for his ability to tell captivating stories through his clever and unique songwriting style. A common theme in Mike’s music is his ability to craft emotive songs detailing his life experience and the classic Americana and Blues/Rock style he lives so authentically. Showcased within his impressive catalog, Mike has effectively seized nostalgia as a force to inform his songwriting. Mike has used nostalgia as a songwriting tool and emotional vehicle to make sense of the world both externally, epitomized by the drastically changing American landscape, and internally, in terms of longing for a feeling of warmth and belonging that slipped through his fingers as a child.

Check out the incredible live performance of previous hit “Melissa”

Mike’s distinct musical brand has brought him an impressive list of accomplishments and accolades. Many of you may already be familiar with Mike’s work with his band “his Restless Soul”. Previous entries in his catalog have been praised by National Reviewer Keith “Muzikman” Hannaleck and the esteemed UK publication Blues Matters. Remarkably, he was chosen as the featured artist pick on Philly’s WXPN 88.5FM. He has also received the ASCAP Plus Emerging Artist Award for extended plays, and placed as a Semi-Finalist in both the Great American Songwriting Contest and the Dallas Songwriting Competition.

Mike’s highly acclaimed song “Edge of Dawn” won a contract with the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) to be used on a episode of the revered series Revision Quest. It is also interesting to note that his song “Twenty too Late” (A Tribute to Stephen Stills & the Folk Rock migration from Greenwich Village to the Sunset Strip) was included on Volume 38 of The Acoustic Rainbow (Poetman Records Publishing) alongside such artists as Judy Collins, Stephan Stills and Vince Gill among others.

Now, Mike Marino & his Restless Soul is back and about to capture your heart and mind again with his brand new album entitled “Tomorrow’s Yesterday”.

Check out the incredible behind the scenes studio footage for the album: 

Tomorrow’s Yesterday was tracked at Forge Recording with Mike sharing production duties with Ron DiSilvestro. It features a handpicked selection of all-star players such as Nashville greats Jimmy Heffernan and Danny Eyer, along with Carlo Dalessandro, and nationally-recognized bluesman Mike Dugan from Mike Dugan & the Blues Mission. Grammy winner Phil Nicolo (Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, The Hooters) mixed the album, and multi-Grammy winner Richard Dodd (George Harrison, The Traveling Wilburys, Tom Petty, The Jayhawks) mastered it.

The album showcases a lively, emotional, and wonderfully triumphant sound. The album serves as an ode to Mike’s recovery from a life-threatening illness that took an incredible toll on body, mind, and soul. During his struggle with the illness, his family never left his side. His father, who sadly passed away during this time, was a constant source of strength and encouragement. As Mike describes, “I kept his picture in the studio because I wanted to finish it for him, and, in the end, I dedicated this album to him…making it made me more positive. It forced me to reach deeper into my soul.”

Listen to the groovy “Turn it Around” of off the new album: 

The brand new album is truly an engaging and worthwhile experience. It differs from many familiar mainstream releases in that this album is full of substance, integrity, honesty, and fun spontaneity. Not only is it polished and meticulously crafted, but it is arranged to perfection, leaving the listener wanting more.

Listen to the graceful final track “Lonely Road”: 

There is no doubt that, with this new release, Mike Marino will add to his already impressive and out-of-this-world list of awards and musical accolades. This album is a MUST LISTEN!

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