Artist Spotlight: Fudakochi

We recently had the opportunity to to get to know the multi-talented and refreshingly unconventional “Soulternative” artist Fudakochi.

Fudakochi (pronounced Foo-dah-co-chee) is quickly proving that with his spontaneous, unique, and highly unconventional Indie tunes; music, as an artistic medium, can transcend the label of “commodity” and become something much more intimate and immersive.

It’s a tiresome reality within the modern world of music. It appears as though fearless and bold artists are becoming increasingly uncommon and undiscovered. This is often because of an unapologetic preference by many new-coming artists to shamelessly cling to existing successful markets. These existing markets, void of any integrity, follow a familiar and safe musical formula of producing commercially attractive and catchy reproductions of a successful Singles.

While this approach may work well if your goal as an artist is to make fast cash, albeit becoming forgettable, it certainly isn’t the winning formula for industry longevity and lasting notoriety.

In a refreshing twist, the undeniably fearless, Soul, Psychedelic and Alternative inspired indie artist Fudakochi is fiercely rebelling against this trend and quickly emerging as an artist you’d be foolish to ignore!

Listen for yourself with his new Single “Melanin Poppin”:

With the increase in industry competition, you’d think there would be a “standard” for things you shouldn’t do if you’re trying to become noticed and successful. Unfortunately, this is not the case…in fact, it seems that a vast majority of new artists have taken the lazy route —- copy those whom are more successful than you. You would think that this competitive environment would inspire some artists to go against the grain and carve out their own identity, but this is too often not the case.

This is precisely what makes Fudakochi such a remarkable and respectable artist.

Fudakochi has worked tirelessly to craft his own distinct style and approach. Showcasing an entirely new sound that marries the commercial sensibilities of Pop with the more traditional songwriting styles of Soul, Psychedelic, and Alternative; Fudakochi has developed a genre that sounds entirely fresh and new. Fudakochi calls his wildly unique brand of sound “Soulternative” , which can be best summarized as a lush “multi-genre”. Impressively, Fudakochi is the ambitious sole-proprietor of this highly experimental, yet undeniably digestible genre.

After undergoing his musical transformation, Fudakochi has recently released his newest LP entitled “Love Invasion S.P”. “Love Invasion S.P.” is an experience and it takes you into space, some would say to Soulternative Planet. Laced with songs like “Spaceborn” which embodies the essence of Soul, psychedelic and alternative music. As well as the summer anthem “Melanin Poppin” which is sure to keep you cool with a soulful vibe. The album also includes smooth faint notes of rock and soul in “Together” which is the soulful dimension of the album. The entire album embodies a journey through space, time and sound. 

The audio production exhibited in “Love Invasion S.P.” is nothing short of spectacular. This is especially remarkable considering the music itself is ferociously dynamic and unrestrained; we imagine these must have been very challenging to mix. Each track I have listened to is uniquely stunning, with each complex sonic layer given space to breath and evolve. The genre is brilliantly undefinable, with Fudakochi sculpting his own self-defining soundscape. Fudakochi’s musical prowess shines on each track.

Listen to 4 tracks from the album here:

This artist is a MUST LISTEN!

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