Artist Spotlight: SPACE DIARIES

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know the insanely talented pioneers of the “Space-Wave” genre, SPACE DIARIES.

SPACE DIARIES is based in Los Angeles and was founded by Eddie Olguin in 2015 (under the original name “Sunset”). The band was born out of deep frustration and an insatiable desire for change. In the year previous to the band’s inception, Eddie had grown increasingly disheartened by the so-called “band experience” due to the frustrations of trying to make it in the growing sea of independent artists in LA. After his last band broke up, Eddie found himself navigating through a turbulent period in his life. Eddie decided to use these turbulent times as fuel for his own music, and began writing therapeutically in order to purge himself of the trials and tribulations he was facing daily. After composing a large batch of material, Eddie set out to assemble the band. After Drummer Marty Witt (former bandmate and friend), Guitarist Raymond Lacsamana (answered an ad for the band), and Bassist Buwi Meneses (multi-platinum artist) joined the band, their lineup was officially complete.

SPACE DIARIES – the on-the-rise experimental music, “Space Wave” sensation, in my honest opinion, have the potential to evolve as one of the bands, whom I’d put amongst some of the most groundbreaking musical phenomenons.

This brilliant band not only acts as a unique innovator; but they also effectively channel their deep, emotive, and resonating vision through an impressive command of the experimental genre. Supporting their collective vision with their tools of artistic expression, rather that exploiting them as the gimmick they could easily become; SPACE DIARIES stands out among an overpopulated market as a fearless and honest band with a statement to make.

Check out their incredible live performance of “Space Cadets”:

The band spent the latter half of 2016 working on brand new material and developing their unique sound (which they coined as “Space-wave”).  In 2017 they went into the recording studio, with producer Joseph Holiday, and recorded their debut, self-titled, EP.


The EP (which can be found on their SoundCloud) is quite a sonic experience. Somewhere within these complex and fastidiously crafted tracks there’s a magnificent injection of anthemic, yet haunting instrumental and vocal pieces and that conjure up dynamic feelings of hope, desperation, beauty, and longing. The spacey textures featured within the EP are lush, but not in the literal definition of the word; rather – in the very sound of the word.

The sonic landscape crafted within this album showcases a fusion of sound that feels incredibly spacious, well-balanced and evocative, with a great focus on gorgeously shaped backdrops that add a dark, refreshingly organic quality to Their tracks. At times, focusing on minimalism, the band showcase their remarkable chemistry as each member’s sounds resonate, merge and surround the listener in a sort of sonic ecstasy. They expand and meander in a flowing fashion, and sweep you in much like the dragging waves washing on the shore of a dark beach; at times these textures are effectively peppered by small intricacies, driving percussion, and soothing vocals.

This release is definitely a trend-setter and sets an unbelievably high standard for indie artists hoping to break through in the scene. The undefinable, unrelenting, ever-evolving SPACE DIARIES are almost guaranteed to continue their steady rise to prominence with the release of this insanely addictive EP.

Be sure to check out this wildly unique and groundbreaking EP:

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