Artist Spotlight: Skriptz

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know the wildly creative and undeniably talented on-the-rise Hip Hop sensation Skriptz.

Skriptz is quickly proving that with his addictive, unique, and undeniably infectious style; music, as an artistic medium, can transcend the label of “commodity” and one-dimensional Hip Hop/ Rap, and become something much more cutting and immersive. Skriptz has developed a sound that feels entirely fresh and new.

One of the first characteristics that we noticed in Skriptz’s tracks that immediately set him apart was his willingness to embrace his own style and own it. Too often, rappers feel the need to push a familiar facade (which at this point, has become a parody of itself), or they mistake humbleness for weakness. Skriptz does neither, he has embraced his own personal identity and has made no apologies for it. He recently dropped a brand new Single and video, and we were beyond impressed.

The FIRE new Single entitled “Abundance” is almost guaranteed to set the scene ablaze. The track begins immediately with a catchy piano progression and opens up to a perfectly crafted beat. The unique and stylistic rap vocals enter immediately carrying substance and exuding confidence. The track is fantastically sequenced in a way that maintains the listener’s interest, with each layer capturing its own space, but never distracting from each other. Skriptz’s skillful production choice and clever wordplay are on full display here.

Check out the MIND BLOWING video here: 

The video is wildly inventive and unlike anything I have seen lately. Showcasing warped, trippy, and surreal visuals; you can’t help but to appreciate the amount of care and creativity that went into making the video. The video, in my opinion, carries a much deeper meaning and message than it might seem on the surface. Echoing the lyrics, “we never stop until we make it, so we fake it till we make it”, the video explores a sort of virtual reality that visualizes where you want to be in life. Although it is a fake reality, it provides a focal point for a goal that is undeniably achievable. It really drives the idea that confidence and focus are key when you’re pursuing your dreams. The message is brilliantly presented in a way that doesn’t come across as preachy or cliche. 

“Abundance”is one of those increasingly rare transcendent Singles that doesn’t abide by the typical genre limitations and standards. Regardless of your specific musical tastes, regardless of any bias or animosity that you may have against the Hip-Hop or Rap genres; the sheer uniqueness and thoughtfulness of Skriptz’s newest Single will inspire and ignite applause and appreciation out of even the most reluctant listeners. It’s pretty damn refreshing to hear somebody so incredibly versatile and talented behind the mic. Shying away from the typical clichés of both of the genres that he borrows inspiration from, Skriptz has a remarkably unique style and sound which he maintains throughout the track. While Skriptz certainly pays homage to the great hip-hop standards; he frequently veers away the genre’s increasingly tired tendencies, making the listening experience feel entirely new and unpredictable. 

Skriptz is a remarkable artist and is definitely a breath of fresh air within a tired industry that has become overly saturated with copycat artists whose sole goal is to cash in on an increasingly uninventive formula. “Abundance” is a MUST WATCH and LISTEN!

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