Artist Spotlight: JJ

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with the on-the-rise, infectious Rap/Hip Hop sensation JJ

It is an unfortunate reality in the current world of music crafted by today’s generation. It seems as if fearless, ambitious artists are becoming more and more rare and undiscovered. This is mostly due to an unapologetic desire by most new-coming artists to shamelessly reach into existing successful markets, void of any integrity, and follow an incredibly safe musical formula of commercially appealing and catchy copy of a copy Singles.

When approaching nearly all newly independent-released music, it’s hard to do so without inherent cynicism and skepticism. It has become tiresome and mundane within the current culture of Pop dominated music. We, as listeners, are continuously exposed to these same formulaic, cookie-cutter, brand of artists. Although these types of artists have brilliantly perfected the ability to produce safe, catchy, and infectious music; they ultimately amount to being entirely forgettable, soon to be replaced by the next musical doppelgänger. This trend has infected almost every musical appendage and genre, whether it be commercially produced or independently released. The most unfortunate result of this trend is the stifling of musical ambition and the lack of innovation to set oneself apart in the industry.

While this approach may work well if your goal as an artist is to make fast cash, albeit becoming forgettable, it certainly isn’t the winning formula for industry longevity and lasting notoriety.

In a refreshing twist, the undeniably talented and wildly ambitious Hip Hop artist/ rapper JJ is fiercely rebelling against this trend and quickly emerging as an industry sensation.

Listen for yourself with JJ’s absolute FIRE “Up in Cue” :

JJ is quickly proving that with his addictive, unique, and hellfire style; music, as an artistic medium, can transcend the label of “commodity” and one-dimensional Hip Hop/ Rap, becoming something much more intimate and immersive.

With independent recording continually growing more affordable and accessible than it ever has been; the industry is quickly becoming over-saturated with hobbyists and fame-seekers. Due to this, it is becoming ever-harder to be noticed within the endless sea of independent noise. The number of new artists entering the industry every day is growing exponentially. With this increase in industry competition, you’d think there would be a “standard” for things you shouldn’t do if you’re trying to become noticed and successful. Unfortunately, this is not the case…in fact, it seems that a vast majority of new artists have taken the lazy route —- copy those whom are more successful than you. You would think that this competitive environment would inspire some artists to go against the grain and carve out their own identity, but this is too often not the case.

This is precisely what makes this artist such a remarkable and respectable act.

JJ has developed a sound that feels entirely fresh and new. This brilliant artist not only acts as unique innovators; but also effectively channels his vision through an impressive command of the Hip Hop/ Rap genre. Avoiding the gimmick he could easily become; JJ stands out among an overpopulated market as a fearless and honest artist with a story to tell.

 Listen to “Volvo”:

The audio production exhibited in each Single is nothing short of spectacular. This is especially remarkable considering the music itself is ferociously dynamic and unrestrained; we imagine this must have been very challenging to mix. Each layer within these Singles are uniquely stunning, with each complex sonic layer given space to breath and evolve. The genre is a brilliant fusion of JJ’s influences, with this artist sculpting his own self-defining soundscape. JJ’s musical and rapping prowess shines on each track, with this young artist quickly proving that his a wildly engineer, programmer, and an incredibly skilled producer. 

JJ is a remarkable artist and is definitely a  breath of fresh air within a tired industry that has become overly saturated with copycat artists whose sole goal is to cash in on an increasingly uninventive formula. JJ is a MUST LISTEN!

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