Artist Spotlight: Eddie Vegas

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know the wildly innovative and multi-talented UK-based artist, Eddie Vegas.

We were first introduced to Eddie Vegas through the explosive Single entitled, “Linkin – Ft. PaperBoi”. This extremely versatile artist is based in the UK, and has been making HUGE waves in the industry for his refreshing take on the Electronica genre.

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Vegas has developed a sound that feels entirely fresh and new. This brilliant artist not only acts as a unique innovator; but also effectively channels his vision through an impressive command of the Electronica genre. Avoiding the gimmick he could easily become; Eddie Vegas stands out among an overpopulated market as a fearless and honest artist with a story to tell.

Musically, Vegas has effectively unleashed his wide-spanning musical tastes and influences into a giant boiling caldron, seasoned with style and flair —  and much like a mad scientist, he has stirred ferociously until what has emerged is unrecognizable — an infectious monstrosity of incredible, emotive sound. Vegas has been steadily gaining notoriety for his distinct flavor of Electronica-infused meets Hip Hop-edge, mixed with outstanding songwriting. In the new Single, his remarkable versatility is on full display. The impressive accompanying featured artist PaperBoi, the creative sequencing, and masterful songwriting are all undeniably alluring and infectious.

It is an unfortunate reality in the current world of music crafted by today’s generation. It seems as if fearless, ambitious artists are becoming more and more rare and undiscovered. This is mostly due to an unapologetic desire by most new-coming artists to shamelessly reach into existing successful markets, void of any integrity, and follow an incredibly safe musical formula of commercially appealing and catchy copy of a copy Singles.The most unfortunate result of this trend is the stifling of musical ambition and the lack of innovation to set oneself apart in the industry.

While this approach may work well if your goal as an artist is to make fast cash, albeit becoming forgettable, it certainly isn’t the winning formula for industry longevity and lasting notoriety.

The undeniably fearless and refreshingly authentic Eddie Vegas is fiercely rebelling against this trend and flexing his highly unique brand of sound.

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