Artist Spotlight: The Arborist

The acoustic-rock genre is one that can often feel uninspired and tired due to the lack of ambition and honesty applied in the songwriting stage.
It seems that most current releases within this genre follow the same safe set of rules, explore the same redundant themes, and revolve around the same familiar chord progressions.

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On-the-rise indie acoustic rock artist, The Arborist is a wonderful exception to this trend.

While exploring this brilliant artist’s catalog, I was immediately struck by his intimate and stripped down approach to delivering his music. This approach is extremely effective, as each performance feels very personal and makes you feel as if you’re sitting in the same room with the Arborist. The first original song I came across, entitled “Pendulum”, immediately stands out for its impressive acoustic guitar-work. The track begins with a complex, yet infectious acoustic guitar-riffing and opens with the hard hitting line, “I can feel the freezing winter breeze, I can feel a certain strange relief…” This serves as a brilliant entry point for the Arborist’s catalog; an emotive declaration of the need for change, overcoming feeling defeated, and thus exploring the unknown. The track is fantastically paced in a way that maintains the listener’s interest, and maintains an effective minimalist approach. The Arborist’s skillful guitar playing and songwriting prowess are on full display, while his vocal performance adds undeniable character and uniqueness to the track. 

In “Alive”, the Arborist really showcases his unique vocal style and displays a strong command of melody and control. With the subtle and effective backing of acoustic guitar, this artist proves that his voice is just another one of his many strong assets. His vocal performance is authentic and invokes a strong emotional response with his pained delivery of the clever line “My spirit starts to breathe the life…” This track certainly leaves the listener feeling a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration.

The delicate follow-up track “A New World” opens with a beautiful acoustic guitar progression. The track progresses by falling back and forth between melodic and calm sections, and beautifully dynamic sections. This track brilliantly displays the Arborist’s undeniable songwriting and arranging abilities. Much like his other tracks, this artist has an incredible ability to draw each listener into his song’s narrative and make them feel as if the song was written specifically for them.

The final original track in the Arborist’s catalog is a deeply powerful and resonating composition that serves a tribute to his family whom suffered from a personal tragedy. While the track is fairly short, it packs a lot of punch and makes me really interested to hear what a fully fleshed-out album from the Arborist would sound like. The track reminds me of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes”, with the Arborist effectively carving out his own unique identity, while paying homage to his influences. 

Listening through the Arborist’s current catalog was truly an engaging and worthwhile experience. Lyrically, each song is highly personal and oozes integrity, honesty, and emotional awareness. Each track is also to perfection, definitely leaving the listener wanting more. We are eagerly awaiting what he does next!

We highly recommend that you check out the Arborist, this is an artist you simply shouldn’t miss!

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