Album Review: Andrew Farstar’s “Metamorphosis”

We recently had the pleasure of listening to on-the-rise singer/songwriter Andrew Farstar. We were first introduced to Andrew through his electronic and Pop-infused album “Metamorphosis”. 

Andrew Farstar’s music can best be described as a brilliantly crafted blend of Pop, EDM, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Classical Crossover. As showcased in his newest album “Metamorphosis”, Andrew has an almost uncanny ability to seamlessly combine all of his influences into something that feels entirely fresh and unique.

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Musically, Andrew Farstar has effectively unleashed his wide-spanning musical tastes and influences into a giant boiling caldron, seasoned it with his own distinct style and flair and stirred ferociously until something entirely new has emerged — an infectious blend of incredible, emotive sound. Working with a wide range of producers between the US and Europe, the overall sound on “Metamorphasis” can best be described as sounding like a mixture of Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, and Maroon 5.

The audio production exhibited in the freshly released album is nothing short of spectacular. This is especially remarkable considering the music itself is incredibly dynamic and unrestrained; we imagine this must have been very challenging to mix. Each sound within the album is uniquely stunning, with each sonic layer given space to breath and evolve. Andrew’s musical prowess shines brilliantly on each track, with this artist quickly proving that he is a wildly talented singer-songwriter. 

Listen to “My Infatuation (Love Vibration)” here:

In Andrew’s impressive sophomore album, his remarkable versatility is on full display. The impressive accompanying instrumentation, creative sequencing, masterful songwriting are undeniably alluring and captivating. His soothing vocal prowess draws you into an authentic and emotional sonic journey. This is a perfect example of what sets his music apart; it has an incredibly organic and soulful aspect to it that feels as if the music is living and breathing and evolving with every second. “Love is” perfectly captures this sentiment.

Listen to “Love Is” here:

The album progresses by effectively falling back and forth between melodic and calm sections, and spirited dynamic sections. The Album is fantastically sequenced in a way that maintains the listener’s interest, and contains minor mixing and instrumental intricacies that are both unique and infuse wonderful personality into each song. A strong example of this dynamic can be found on the anthemic “Being Human”.

Listen to “Being Human” here:

Andrew really showcases his vocal prowess and displays a strong command of infectious vocal melodies. With the strong and effective backing of synth, keys, and engaging percussion; Andrew proves that his voice is just one of his many strong assets. His vocal performance is authentic and invokes a strong emotional response with the delivery of each relatable line. His songwriting style is remarkable and clever, and each track contains an irresistibly catchy anthem that will be sure to get stuck in your head and have you singing along. Go ahead, try to get “This is How I Feel” out of your head, we dare you!

Listen to “This is How I Feel” here:

It is an unfortunate reality in the current world of music crafted by today’s generation. It seems as if fearless, ambitious artists are becoming more and more rare and undiscovered. This is mostly due to an unapologetic desire by most new-coming artists to shamelessly reach into existing successful markets, void of any integrity, and follow an incredibly safe musical formula of commercially appealing and catchy copy of a copy Singles.

Andrew Farstar is a refreshing exception, quickly proving that with his addictive, unique, and emotionally authentic style; music, as an artistic medium, can transcend the label of “commodity”, becoming something much more intimate and immersive. His music feels much more like an “experience” than a product. 

Listening to Andrew Farstar’s “Metamorphosis” was truly an engaging and worthwhile experience. The album differs from most newer indie releases in that it effortlessly flows with integrity, honesty, and emotional awareness. Not only is it polished and meticulously crafted, but it is sequenced to perfection, leaving the listener wanting more. I definitely see this artist climbing the ranks and becoming a household name. Not only does he have the ability to craft infectious Pop melodies, but he does so with a remarkably unique blending of genres and evident care for messaging and content. We can’t wait to see what this artist does next!

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