Indie Interview Series: Robert Allen of DownTown Mystic

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with vintage-rock sensation Robert Allen (of DownTown Mystic).

DownTown Mystic is the musical alter-ego of celebrated American Rocker, Robert Allen. Robert has a deep passion for an “old school” approach to recording (which he jokingly admits borders on obsession). DownTown Mystic has been steadily gaining exposure and mass acclaim for their incredibly distinct brand of music and vintage-inspired productions. We recently reviewed DownTown Mystic’s stellar new EP entitled “On E Street” (featuring “Mighty” Max Weinberg and Garry Tallent from the famed E Street Band). 

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We were so impressed by the creativity and skill showcased on the new EP, that we wanted had to learn more about this incredible artist. Robert Allen was kind enough to take the time to Robert Allen some of our questions.

I love how you manage to render your tracks so personal and immersive. Does the melody come first, or do you focus on the beat the most?


Robert Allen: I’m a music guy first, so I usually get a chord progression that I put a melody to and then get the lyrics down. I don’t concentrate on the beat until I’m ready to record. That’s when I’m really groove conscious with the bass and drums.



Do you perform live? If so, do you feel more comfortable on a stage or within the walls of the recording studio?


Robert Allen: I stopped performing live to focus on the studio. There’s a different way of playing in the studio than performing live. You have to be more disciplined in the studio to get rid of some of the bad habits you can pick up from playing live.



If you could only pick one song to make a “first impression” on a new listener, which song would you pick and why?


Robert Allen: I usually say “Way To Know” because it’s a straight ahead rocker that builds and doesn’t quit. It seems like a simple song but the more you listen the more you hear.



What does it take to be “innovative” in music?


Robert Allen: Good question. I think that’s something every artist ponders. I’m not sure there’s a definitive Robert Allen. For me personally I think you just have to be true to yourself and do what you want to do. I think innovation has to be organic, meaning that you can’t plan it. It happens when it happens because an artist is just doing what they do naturally.



Any upcoming release or tour your way?


Robert Allen: We just put out the On E Street EP featuring Max Weinberg and Garry Tallent from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band in the UK and Europe. The EP has songs that are part of the Rock’n’Roll Romantic album we released in the US last year.



Anywhere online where curious fans can listen to your music and find out more about you?


Robert Allen: Our website is and you can hear the On E Street EP on SoundCloud:

Also, Spotify:


DownTown Mystic is a remarkable act and an amazing breath of fresh air within an industry that has become overly saturated with copycat artists whose sole goal is to cash in on an increasingly uninventive formula. We can only hope that his music influences a new generation of independent artists and inspires a return to what made music something special. “On E Street” is a MUST LISTEN! 

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