Single Spotlight: BUCK50ENT PRESENTS- “ROLLIN(ft. C Dolla$, Get Right Sour, and OG Kaylyles)

With independent recording continually growing more affordable and accessible than it ever has been; the industry is quickly becoming over-saturated with hobbyists and crowded with wannabes. Due to this, it is becoming ever-harder to be noticed within the endless sea of independent noise. The number of new hip-hop artists entering the industry every day is growing exponentially. With this increase in industry competition, you’d think there would be a “standard” for things you shouldn’t do if you’re trying to become noticed and successful. Unfortunately, this is not the case…in fact, it seems that a vast majority of new artists have taken the lazy route — copy those whom are more successful than you.

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BUCK50ENT has fiercely rebelled against this current trend; presenting something innovative and unique, yet entirely approachable and digestible.

It is completely natural to become inspired by your industry forerunners, but you must stray away from riding on their coattails by replicating their distinct sound and style. This is precisely what C Dolla$, Get Right Sour, and OG Kaylyles naturally do so well. Upon discovering Buck50ENT, we were immediately struck by what may be their strongest asset: their courage to be entirely unapologetic in their assertion of their own unique identity. This shines radiantly in their newest Single entitled “Rollin”.

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It’s pretty damn refreshing to hear artists that are so incredibly versatile and talented behind the mic (and so brilliantly selective with the production). Shying away from the typical clichés of the hip hop genres that they borrow inspiration from, these artists  have a remarkably unique style and sound that they maintain throughout their Single. “Rollin” is a MUST LISTEN!

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