EP Review: Jordan Everist’s “Call it a Night”

Portland-based producer Jordan Everist’s newest EP “Call it a Night” lands a devastating blow to the terrible trend of copy-cat artists, and in the aftermath, sets an incredible new standard for all new coming indie-acts.

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It is an extremely rare occurrence that we are introduced to an independent artist that absolutely blows our minds; Jordan Everist has done just this. We previously had the pleasure of getting to know this incredibly ambitious artist, and we were beyond impressed (check out our other feature here).  To catch you up, how many albums can honestly be described as a seamless and cohesive blend of nearly every major genre? With music being so subjective, and encompassed in endless revolving discussion; most people can’t even agree on what genre a band or artist’s work perfectly falls within. Moreover, it is constant hot topic of debate about which artists have been able to seize a genre, tip it upside down, deform it and completely redefine it. This is precisely what Jordan does, and he does it with curious and sophisticated precision. Jordan has embraced his own personal identity and has made no apologies for it.

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His approach to songwriting naturally injects his music with mystique and allure. His embrace of his own style allows his music to outshine the rest within the genre. These are qualities that are severely lacking within the current industry. With the newly released 4-song EP “Call it a Night”; Jordan once again shows us his alluring versatility as an artist. This is even more remarkable given the fact that he has taken on the undeniable challenge of being a fully independent artist. We find that one of the most glaring setbacks for new-coming independent artists is the lack of professional mixing and mastering that is necessary to break through into the mainstream markets. This certainly isn’t the case with Jordan Everist. The production-work featured on each one of his tracks showcases an entirely unique style and technique.

One of Jordan Everist’s most distinguishing qualities is his ability to adapt to any genre and infuse it with his distinct style. Each thoughtful layer and clever sequence carries a hidden punch and remarkable depth that is not often found in indie releases. Jordan seems to have perfected his formula with this EP; add some infectious beats, brilliant song sequencing, and incredible structuring, and you have an irresistible fusion of catchy music oozing with uniqueness. 

Jordan Everist is a remarkable artist and is definitely a breath of fresh air within a tired industry that has become overly saturated with copycat artists whose sole goal is to cash in on an increasingly uninventive formula. “Call it a Night” is a MUST LISTEN!

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