Artist Spotlight: Rainy Day Crush

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know the refreshingly honest and wildly infectious indie sensation “Rainy Day Crush”.

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Rainy Day Crush has been making waves in the indie music scene for their incredibly unique and alluring brand of music. It is an unfortunate reality in the current world of music where It seems as though fearless, ambitious artists are becoming more and more rare and undiscovered. This is mostly due to an unapologetic desire by most new-coming artists to shamelessly reach into existing successful markets, void of any integrity, and follow an incredibly safe musical formula of commercially appealing and catchy tunes. Powerful messaging and honest content in music has been sadly lost due to this trend; it is growing more and more apparent that the main driving force  behind many new “artists” entering the industry is simply a thirst for fame and money.

Rainy Day Crush makes no attempt to conform to these market tastes and trends— and this is precisely what makes them such a respectable and remarkable act.

This brilliant band acts as a marvelous innovator in the indie-world, and they effectively channel their deep, emotive, and resonating vision through an impressive display of creative songwriting and inventive musical arrangements. With their fun, relatable, and highly inventive tunes; Rainy Day Crush has reignited the approach that music, as an artistic medium, should transcend the label of “commodity” and become something much more immersive and engaging. The band is unapologetically committed to supporting their shared vision with their tools of artistic expression, rather than exploiting them for the cash-grabbing gimmick that they can so easily become.

Rainy Day Crush, in my honest opinion, has the potential to go down as one of those rare bands whom helped change the musical landscape, and will fondly remembered among some of the most groundbreaking independent acts.

“I’m Still Alive” is definitely one of those increasingly rare transcendent EPs that doesn’t abide by the typical genre limitations and standards. Regardless of your specific musical tastes, regardless of any bias or animosity that you may have against the indie genres; the sheer honesty and thoughtfulness of the songwriting within this EP will inspire and ignite applause and appreciation out of even the most reluctant listeners. It is a tireless listening experience and effortlessly maintains your interest throughout.

Opening track “No Such Thing” particularly stands out upon first listen. The sonic landscape crafted within this track alone fully encapsulates the dynamic nature of the EP as a whole. The track showcases a swaying fusion of sound that feels intimately roomy, well-balanced and evocative, with a great focus on gorgeous harmonies and infectious melodies. The sounds resonate, merge and surround the listener in a sort of sonic ecstasy while maintaining a strong driving beat. “Heartbreak (or How to Get Over it)” stands out as an immediate favorite of mine. The track is very vibrant and modern-sounding, yet it maintains its own identity perfectly. There is definitely something for everyone here. Each track featured on the EP is fantastically sequenced in a way that maintains the listener’s interest, and contains minor mixing and instrumental intricacies that are both unique and add undeniable character to the track.

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Rainy Day Crush are a remarkable act and an amazing breath of fresh air within an industry that has become overly saturated with copycat artists whose sole goal is to cash in on an increasingly uninventive formula. We can definitely see this band continuing their rise and becoming a household name, while inspiring a new generation of independent artists. Not only do they have the ability to craft infectious vocal hooks and melodies, but they does so with a remarkably unique blending of genres and evident care for messaging and content. “I’m Still Alive” is a MUST LISTEN!

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