Artist Spotlight: BABY GEE VIBES

We previously had the pleasure of getting to know this incredibly ambitious artist, and we were beyond impressed (check out our other feature here). To catch you up, BABY GEE VIBES is an on-the-rise and widely revered multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ based out of Liverpool, United Kingdom. This artist has been steadily gaining exposure and increased visibility for his incredibly versatile music catalog, and has recently developed an incredibly unique take on the EDM and dark-electronica genres. Showcasing an innovative combination of dark electronica, techno, dance, and trance; this incredible artist has certainly crafted a sound that he can distinctly call his own. It is important to note that BABY GEE VIBES has taken on the undeniable challenge of being a fully independent artist. We find that one of the most glaring setbacks for new-coming independent artists is the lack of professional mixing and mastering that is necessary to break through into the mainstream markets. This certainly isn’t the case with BABY GEE VIBES.

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His approach to music is especially refreshing in a world currently dominated by shallow Pop music. We, as listeners, are continuously exposed to these same formulaic, cookie-cutter, brand of artists. Although these types of artists have brilliantly perfected the ability to produce safe, catchy, and infectious music; they ultimately amount to being entirely forgettable, soon to be replaced by the next musical doppelgänger. This trend has infected almost every musical appendage and genre, whether it be commercially produced or independently released. The most unfortunate result of this trend is the stifling of musical ambition and the lack of innovation to set oneself apart in the industry. This is mostly due to an unapologetic desire by most new-coming artists to shamelessly reach into existing successful markets, void of any integrity, and follow an incredibly safe musical formula of commercially appealing and catchy copy of a copy Singles.

While this approach may work well if your goal as an artist is to make fast cash, albeit becoming forgettable, it certainly isn’t the winning formula for industry longevity and lasting notoriety.

Luckily, BABY GEE VIBES is fiercely rebelling against this trend, carving out his own distinct musical identity, and restoring the faith of music lovers everywhere.
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This artist is quickly proving that with his addictive, unique, and highly engaging tunes; music, as an artistic medium, can transcend the label of “commodity”, and become something much deeper, more intimate, and immersive. On the surface, each track feels as if it were crafted by a electronic music veteran— for electronic music veterans, easily appealing to dedicated fans of the genre. As you dig a little deeper, there is an almost undefinable quality to each track that oozes appeal far outside of the boundaries of the techno genre. This is probably BABY GEE VIBES greatest asset. His remarkable versatility and indisputable skill appeals to the music lover in all of us. Unlike many artists within the genre, BABY GEE VIBES hasn’t limited his appeal to just established techno music fans.

This approach to songwriting naturally injects his music with integrity and honesty. His confidence in his own story, as well as his embrace of his own style allows his music to outshine the rest within the genre. These are qualities that are severely lacking within the current industry, and impressively, BABY GEE VIBES seems to understand this sentiment perfectly.

BABY GEE VIBES is definitely one of those increasingly rare transcendent artists that doesn’t abide by the typical genre limitations and standards. Regardless of your specific musical tastes, regardless of any bias or animosity that you may have against the electronica genres; the sheer uniqueness and thoughtfulness of BABY GEE VIBES’s newest tracks will inspire and ignite applause and appreciation out of even the most reluctant listeners.

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It’s pretty damn refreshing to hear somebody so incredibly versatile and talented pursuing music. Shying away from the typical clichés of the genres that he borrows inspiration from, BABY GEE VIBES has a remarkably unique style and sound which he maintains throughout his tracks. While BABY GEE VIBES certainly pays homage to the greats; he frequently veers away the genre’s increasingly tired tendencies, making the listening experience feel entirely new and unpredictable.

This artist’s star continues to rise!

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