EP Spotlight: Suelo’s “Perception”

Recently, it seems like every new rapper or EDM artist we meet describes themselves similarly. It usually goes something like, “I want to be the next Kanye/Drake/Lamar/Weekend…” This sentiment is then often uncomfortably showcased in their music as a shameless imitation of their heroes. While it is completely natural to become inspired by your industry forerunners, but you must stray away from riding on their coattails by replicating their distinct sound and style. 

This is precisely what Suelo naturally does so well. Upon discovering this artist, we were immediately struck by what may be his strongest asset: his courage to be entirely unapologetic in his assertion of his own unique identity.

Check out “How I Wish I Can Stay”:

The Hip Hop/Rap/EDM genres (especially in recent years with increased accessibility to self-record) can often feel uninspired and frustratingly tired due to the lack of variation, ambition, and innovation applied within the songwriting and production stage. It seems that every week we are introduced to the same regurgitated beat with the same lazy mumble-rap verses and auto-tune saturated hooks—- only to fizzle out into forgetfulness. In fact it’s hard to approach any new music without inherent cynicism and skepticism. It has become tiresome and mundane within the current culture of Pop dominated music. We, as listeners, are exposed to the same formulaic, cookie-cutter, copy of a copy of a copy brand of artists. Although these types of artists have brilliantly perfected the ability to produce safe, catchy, and infectious music; they ultimately amount to being entirely forgettable, soon to be replaced by the next musical doppelgänger. This trend has infected almost every musical appendage and genre, whether it be commercially produced or independently released.

Not only has Suelo recognized the same tired trend in the music industry, but he has made it a point to aggressively rebel against it. One of the first characteristics that we noticed in Suelo’s tracks that immediately set him apart was his willingness to be vulnerable and honest. Too often, rappers feel the need to push a familiar facade (which at this point, has become a parody of itself), or they mistake humbleness for weakness. Suelo does neither, he has embraced his own personal identity and has made no apologies for it. Suelo brilliantly combines his clever lyricism with his passion for making music, resulting in his own unique form and flow.

Suelo really showcases his vocal prowess and displays a strong command of infectious vocal melodies. With the strong and effective backing of guitar, keys, and engaging percussion; this artist proves that his voice is just one of his many strong assets. His vocal performance is authentic and invokes a strong emotional response with the delivery of each relatable line. His songwriting style is remarkable and clever, and each track contains an irresistibly catchy anthem that will be sure to get stuck in your head and have you singing along. Go ahead, try to get “Perception” out of your head, we dare you!

Check out “Perception”: 

Each track on his newest EP “Perception” oozes honesty, musical ambition, and fearless creativity. Not only are they polished and meticulously crafted, but it is sequenced to perfection, leaving the listener wanting more. This artist is definitely a trend-setter and sets an unbelievably high standard for indie Hip Hop/Rap artists hoping to break through in the scene.

Suelo is definitely one of those increasingly rare transcendent artists that doesn’t abide by the typical genre limitations and standards. Regardless of your specific musical tastes, regardless of any bias or animosity that you may have against the hip-hop or EDM genres; the sheer uniqueness and thoughtfulness of Suelo’s “Perception” EP will inspire and ignite applause and appreciation out of even the most reluctant listeners.

Check out “Ghost”: 

Its pretty damn refreshing to hear somebody so incredibly versatile and talented behind the mic (and so brilliantly selective with the production). Shying away from the typical clichés of both of the genres that he borrows inspiration from, Suelo has a remarkably unique style and sound which he maintains throughout his tracks. While Suelo certainly pays homage to the greats; he frequently veers away the genre’s increasingly tired tendencies, making the listening experience feel entirely new and unpredictable.

This is definitely an artist you CAN’T IGNORE!

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