Proper Einstein -‘the Musical Genius’, Invites You into His Thought-Provoking World with Single “a Couple Thousand”

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Proper Einstein -‘the Musical Genius’, Invites You into His Thought-Provoking World with Single “a Couple Thousand”

Atlanta, GA – March, 19 2018 – Proper Einstein has effectively combined his wide-spanning musical tastes and influences into a giant beaker — and, much like a mad scientist — has shaken ferociously until what has emerged is undefinable. What has emerged is an infectious explosion of incredible, emotive sound. With his brilliant fusion of various genres and styles, (as well as his evident refusal to operate within any pre-conceived boundaries or industry standards); Proper Einstein strives to live up to his title as “the Musical Genius”. Within his growing catalog, his remarkable versatility is always on full display. Each track features a unique array of accompanying instrumentation,

creative sequencing, thought-provoking lyrics, and clever songwriting. His alluring style is designed to draw you into an intimate and self-reflective sonic journey.

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Proper Einstein has been making waves in the indie underground ever since his explosive debut with his well-received debut Single “#LateNite” in 2015.Often described as “prolific” and “refreshingly unpredictable”, it is easy to see why he has been affectionately dubbed “the Musical Genius” by his growing fanbase. Operating like a true renaissance man, Proper Einstein has earned the titles of actor, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist—- as well as award-winning producer.

Proper Einstein has already built a prestigious resume, having worked with some of the indie underground’s most recognizable names. Some of these artists include; Freeyun Flowz, Mikey Barslow, ana Freeyun Flowz. Due to these early successes, Proper Einstein has become a hot artist to cover in nearly every recognizable indie publication on the net. With over one hundred (and counting) music blog features under his belt (each of which given stellar reviews of music within the last year), this artist shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. It is equally impressive to note that Proper Einstein has had the coveted advantage of being featured with heavy

Now, listeners will have the opportunity to experience a revived introduction to Proper Einstein’s most personal album to date, “Welcome to My Feelings”. Beginning with hit Single, “Couple Thousand”, this upcoming remaster explores the challenges of staying humble and remaining focused despite feeling alienated by negative surroundings and toxic influences. Join “the Musical Genius” as he welcomes you into a sonic world that is refreshing and unpredictable, yet entirely relatable and thought-provoking.