Proper Einstein Diagnoses Kanye West, Drops New Single

Proper Einstein has been making waves in the indie underground ever since his explosive debut with his well-received debut Single “#LateNite” in 2015.Often described as “prolific” and “refreshingly unpredictable”, it is easy to see why he has been affectionately dubbed “the Musical Genius” by his growing fanbase. Operating like a true renaissance man, Proper Einstein has earned the titles of actor, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist—- as well as award-winning producer.

Atlanta, GA – May 4th, 2018 – If you are familiar with Proper Einstein’s notorious back-catalog, you already know that his remarkable versatility and unique appeal are always on full display. His mind-bending arrangements, meticulous sequencing, hypnotic songwriting, and undeniably smooth-flow are just a few of this artist’s many impressive assets. Now, “the Musical Genius” is back and providing some eye-opening insight into the mind of fellow, highly-unpredictable artist Kanye West– as well as offering his loyal fans his newest Single “Hard” (from the upcoming album ‘Welcome to my Feelings’) entirely for FREE via major streaming platforms.

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You don’t have to be a fan of the Hip Hop or Rap genres in order to be aware of who Kanye West is. Most of us are at least semi-aware of one of Kanye’s controversial WTF moments in popular culture, or one of his endless achievements in music, fashion, or culture. As Kanye started grabbing headlines again last week following his long-awaited return to social media, many in the music community were quick to diagnose Kanye with some type of mental illness or perceived nervous breakdown. Proper Einstein was one of many fellow artists to offer his take on the situation– but his diagnosis makes much more sense than what immediately meets the eye.

Proper Einstein explains, “People are so quick to jump on the ‘mental breakdown’ bandwagon, that they don’t even attempt to read between the lines and see the brilliance of it. Trump has a notoriously immovable core-base that will blindly follow anything the man endorses. Remember when Trump famously said, ‘I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters ‘? Well, he wasn’t too far off. This man set off what should be the equivalent to political nuclear bombs within his campaign at least once a week– and he GAINED voters! Kanye is a similar public figure. Despite the endless controversy Kanye has invited around himself , his fanbase has been growing exponentially and has proven to be pretty immovable themselves. From a business standpoint, why wouldn’t you seize that rare opportunity to usurp Trump’s base too– especially right before he drops new music and products? While everyone else diagnoses him as ‘mentally ill’, I diagnose his simply as a ‘marketing genius’. He is exploiting the free markets that Republicans so lovingly adore, and manipulating Trumpers to financially support him on these upcoming releases. Looks like Kanye knows exactly what he’s doing, and it’s honestly genius” It is bold to boast the title of “the Musical Genius”, but Proper Einstein proves time and time again that he his prestige is well-deserved.

Besides providing his thought-provoking insight into Kanye’s perceived “madness”, PE also casually announced that he is releasing his newest Single for FREE on all major streaming platforms by 1:00PM EST on Friday, May 4th. The audio production showcased in the soon-to-be released “Hard” is nothing short of stellar. The music and songwriting is dynamic and unrestrained– while maintaining a relaxed, but focused vibe. Living up to the high expectations surrounding this release, the soundscapes are unusually complex and encompassing, while the vocals are intertwined perfectly with each evolving and ever-changing layer . Once again acting as an innovator, Proper Einstein effectively channels his deep, emotive, and resonating vision through an impressive display of strong songwriting and inventive musical arrangements.

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John Keith (Co-Founder and President of Screaming Match Productions, LLC.) recently reflected on Proper Einstein’s infectious appeal stating, “With his provocative, unique, and highly unorthodox tunes; Proper Einstein has reignited the approach that music– as an artistic medium– should transcend the label of ‘product’ or ‘commodity’ and become something much more powerful and impact. He is unapologetically committed to supporting his vision with his growing tools of artistic expression, rather than exploiting them for the gimmick that they can so easily become.”

Over the next few weeks, listeners have the opportunity to experience a revived introduction to Proper Einstein’s most personal album to date, “Welcome to My Feelings”. Beginning with hit Single, “Couple Thousand”, followed by newest Single “Hard”, Proper Einstein continues to impress and infect with his distinct musical persona. Join “the Musical Genius” as he welcomes you into a sonic world that is refreshing and unpredictable, yet entirely relatable and thought-provoking.

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Simple Ways to Get Your Music Heard – Where to Start?

Releasing a new music album or EP can be a stressful task. There are many questions that come into an artist’s mind while doing so. In this post I will try to give you a solution to all those questions and help you create an effective marketing plan for your music. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some techniques to market your music.
Using a website to promote your music

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Registering a domain and publishing updates regarding your music on your website can help you gather a decent audience. Developing a website was never this easy before. Tools like Bandzoogie and WordPress have blogging capabilities, with a number of themes and plugins that you can choose from to design your website as you like.
The key to success of your website is to post regular updates. Share anything that you think will capture the attention of your fans. Basically, you want your followers and fans to visit your webpage as often as possible. This increases the chances of them buying your tickets, albums and merchandise available on your website.

Social media as mean to promote your music
Billions of people use Facebook, Instagram and twitter on a daily basis. You can use these social media giants to target your audience. Social media acts like a catalyst for marketing your music. About 8 out of 10 posts on your page should be fun, interesting and conversational to attract people to your page, the remaining 2 posts should be used for promotional purposes.
The conversational posts can also be promotional! You just have to learn how to mold the content in an interesting way. For example, if you are recording a new album in your studio, try sharing updates regarding it on social media. Share some behind the scenes videos, images or stories with your followers or post a short vine of your unreleased song. These things are not promotional, but help to make new fans and let the existing ones know what is going on.

Email as a promotional tool
An extremely valuable tool in promoting your music is your email list. It is a great way to engage with your current fans. People sign up for your email list so that they can get regular update regarding your music, so take advantage of it! Post links to your website in your emails to drive fans to your web page. Another obvious use of an email list is to inform your fans about your upcoming music and gigs.

Live performance to promote your music
Although digital promotions mentioned above are a good way to gather audience. Nowadays, you can record, release, distribute and promote your music without leaving your room, but we cannot deny the value of person to person interaction, especially in the music industry.

Live shows are much more than performance, they are a way to interact with your fans and promote your music, especially a new album or song. The trick to gather audience is to tell your fans that you will be premiering a new song in one of your shows in the next month and do not tell anyone about the lucky show. By doing this you will create a hype which will lead to increased fan following.

Collaborating with other musicians
Collaboration is an important aspect in the music industry that is often overlooked. It is a way to make new fans and get your music in front of another group of people. You can collaborate on anything but make sure that the fans of musician you are collaborating with appreciate your music. Choose to work with a band of similar genre as yours.

You can also collaborate with some local musicians and perform in their hometown with them to grow your fan base and promote your music.

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